When Your Mind Is Screaming & Your Soul Is Crying


It’s in that space of is-ness that we bleed, and in that absolute vulnerability is a beautiful thing.

As our body cries and mind screams “How dare you abuse your body in the way that you do.” The mind screams as it echo’s throughout our body about “How fat I am, how ugly I am, how wrinkly I am and how ugly my hair is, I am too weak, too sensitive, not smart enough, not brave enough…” As the mind screams and echoes throughout our bodies into the world. Eat this- don’t eat this, why are you doing that- you’re meant to be doing this, meditate- don’t meditate, don’t judge- Oops! Was that a judgment thought? Wake up earlier, go to bed earlier and are we all just self-sabotaging our happiness and success? Will we EVER love ourselves enough?

At what point, what door, what bridge and what gateway do we see, see our soul and have everything the perfect extension and reflection of that?

What does our soul say?

Why do we torture ourselves in such a way? We see you, we feel you and I am you. We would never think anything but love for every soul, including you. As this frequency you echo doesn’t exist here, trust.

Trust that everything we do nourishes our mind, body and spirit. Do whatever brings us joy, spirit never questions that or deems it as bad. Joy is a priceless gift we can give ourselves.

As the circle of life fills our veins trust that the relationship we have with other people or other “things” might be slightly skew-whiff because the energy that lies underneath it is really saying “I don’t love myself.” Bless everything that touches our lips and comes into our awareness and trust that it is serving our soul. We are love in that very moment.

Let the friction, questions, labels, doubt and torturous thoughts be released and transmuted. Stop searching, looking and trying to find a better way, there is no love for self in the moment. Trust that we are a divine child and as a divine child, know that our energy is vast, our spirit is infinite and we am everything all at once and nothing at the same time.


Listen to your soul, not your mind.

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