Own Your Moments To Live A Crazy Happy Life

relationship with yourself

To live life wide awake and create a journey that illuminates your life is knowing each Law integrates seamlessly into the next… each one just as important as the next. It’s tied together with utmost love and appreciation that comes from moments…

As I look back now I realise that every decision, every step and everything was a piece to the puzzle and it’s being rolled out the best movie I’ve ever seen.

I also know that we all have pivotal moments in our lives that shape our lives and steer us in the right direction and move us forward.

The Moment when the vital shift occurs

I have had many moments as I am know you have and something that I learnt is…When you live your life fighting other peoples battles that is only going to come back and bite you because you miss moments that make you shine and where you can make a difference and do and say things that are right for you. Don’t fight battles that aren’t your battles to fight. Don’t carry hatred that isn’t yours to carry.

Don’t wear scars that aren’t yours to wear.

There has been two moments in my life where I have felt a true and inner sense of freedom. The first time was after living with abuse throughout my teens then again as a young adult in my own relationship. I had to break the cycle and stop the war because I’ve had enough. I deserve more, I want more. When I left for the last time and vowed I would never allow that to happen again for the first time in my life I wasn’t carrying any one else’s burden and anger, I was doing what I wanted to do. I was free.

There was a missing piece, an untapped message that I needed to hear. I was longing for my Father’s acceptance, his approval and I wanted him to me as the person who was standing in front of him right then. Not lighter, not heavier, not younger, not older, not any more famous and not as accomplished as I should be but for who I am right now standing in front of him.

I never got it and as much as I tried to move past it and let it go I felt like it was an unresolved piece to the puzzle.

In the divine right time I received my answer.

All this time I have longing for him to accept and approve of me for who I am right now, how can he do that if I don’t accept and approve of myself as who I am right now. Not lighter, not heavier, not younger, not older, not any more famous and not as accomplished.

I no longer WISH I had a Father who loved me more, I no longer WISH I had an upbringing that didn’t involved getting beaten all the time, I no longer that I look a different way, I no longer WISH for anything.

Because I KNOW that it all HAD to happen, every step, every move, every choice was a piece to puzzle leading me to this moment. Right here, right now. It’s being rolled out like the best movie of all time and I’m the director. Without the abuse I wouldn’t of felt the freedom, without my absent Father, I wouldn’t be here with you feeling good in my skin and in the moment of absolute presence and mindfulness. You see all these moments elevate us to higher frequency; they are an opening for us to move to higher place and a better understanding.

So I no longer wish for anything, I have a strong will and I set strong intention to create the ultimate life. Then move in that direction.

But it all starts with you and loving, accepting, trusting, knowing and believe the skin you’re in.

Living life wide-awake.

There are simple things we can do to create a crazy happy life and it is an enjoyable process and it’s available to everybody. AWAKE, For Life is an 8-week program that will see you elevate your happiness and success. Truth only a small percentage of people are open and willing to really LIVE life.


I honestly hope it’s you.