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money, manifesting

You will never get to where you want to go from where you are, unless you are in complete alignment with your vision. Action is useless, unless you have done the groundwork on yourself. Otherwise, the same stuff is going to keep happening.

Nothing is ever wrong; it is all necessary to add color and textures to our journeys. But at the same point you have to understand, where you are now and what you are receiving are mirroring everything you are putting out there.

We are all here to serve someone, somehow. If we were the only person on the planet, our job or our business would not be necessary. If you look back 100 years ago, you could not fathom what was available to us today. Do you think we have discovered every job, every business and possibility now? Of course not, so many times we are limiting ourselves on what we think is possible and pinching off allowing the unknown to come into our awareness.

  • Looking at the government to make your life better is pinching off your happiness and money flow. You can’t change that so let it go. It causes unnecessary stress and anger.
  • Looking at your employer to make your life better is also causing you to travel upstream. If you are not happy in your job, you do not speak ill about your experience because it is just that… your experience and that is helping you grow, and if you listen, it is your intuition telling you that you not in alignment to what you really want. That is not your employer’s fault; all he can do is what is right for him or her. Alignment, money flow and your happiness are available to you at any time.

Look at people who are making massive amounts of money and doing very little to make it, yet they are aligned to receiving it. Then there are people who work extremely hard, yet they earn so little… why do you think that is?

Some people who have an abundance of money don’t value what they have and worry about every dollar. On the opposite hand, you have people who don’t have much money, yet they are so happy and willing to share their money… why do you think that is?

What is happiness to you, what does it look like? Only you can answer that, and it looks differently to everybody. If you aren’t happy now, happiness cannot find you unless you are in alignment to allowing into your life.

Have gratitude for everything you have, how far you have come and every experience you have lived. Be mindful about the attitude you have towards others and yourself because this will stop you in your tracks and can change downstream into upstream at any given thought.

If you are looking at people around you and listening to their success and wondering why it isn’t happening to you, it’s a message for you. Saying it IS possible and we are listening, but you aren’t in alignment, you aren’t speaking your truth.

Affirmations you can use to get into alignment and increase the money flow.

“I love the way money is always available to me; it comes to me in ways I never would have thought possible”

“I AM that I am” What does THAT mean to you? Put your intention behind it, see it, feel it.

“Money comes to me in ways that I expect and don’t expect, and I am so grateful for all of it.”

“I am so grateful that I have a constant flow of clients that I can serve from an authentic space”

“I know what I want, and I am in alignment to it. I am now ready to take inspired action towards it.”

“I am where I am and where I am OK”

“I am a money magnet and when I feel the elation of money coming to me, I go with it, and I allow it into my life.”