10 Steps To Finding Motivation

getting motivation

Motivation. Or better yet the lack of it.

When Mondayitis becomes your living, breathing everydayitis.

We have all had those times in our lives where we just can’t seem to shake that feeling of dread and find that inner happiness. Finding the calm, the peace, and the love in everyday.

I have been thinking about this… How does one find motivation?

My first thought was having no motivation is like having Mondayitis everyday.

Than I realised it was much more than that…. It’s a MIRROR.

And honestly that is a little frightening.

But I always think about what Deepak Chopra says “The highest form of human intelligence is being able to look at yourself without judgment”

The lack of motivation stems from a void and emptiness that is coming from within…. Our lives, our reality, everything and everyone are a mirror of how we are feeling about ourselves .

The relationship you have with others is a mirror of the relationship you have with yourself.

How to ignite the fire within.

  1. See it for what it is and accept it: The first step to you stepping out of this space is realising it.
  2. WANT IT: It is one thing to know you’re not motivated and it’s another to be ready to DO something about. What is it going to take? There is a point, a breaking point a snapping point or if you’re really mindful you won’t let it get to that point.
  3. Take some time to nurture yourself: With our busy lives this can be difficult, but the secret to you getting your mojo back is this: don’t wait until you get sick to look after yourself. Feeling motivated is a state of mind that we need to nurture. Implement little things into your day and do them everyday so it becomes a habit, just like brushing your teeth. Meditate, listen to some calming music, write a gratitude list and make a promise to yourself to use kind words about yourself and others.
  4. Laugh everyday, a good belly laugh.
  5. Avoid sex and discover intimacy. (A quote from my good friend Sarah Prout)
  6. Choose happiness. It is a choice.
  7. Find something that inspires you.
  8. Don’t look at the things you don’t like about a job, think about all the good things that are happening because of the work you’re doing. It’s like when you’re buying a new car and all of sudden you start to see those cars everywhere. Choose to see the good in everything, not the bad.
  9. Love yourself enough to put time and effort into this… into you.
  10. Commit to it. A year from now you will wish you had started today.