My New Ink.

Renee Mayne

I knew I was being initiated and I wasn’t quite ready for her,

She was there, it’s not the first time she has risen and I’m not naive in thinking it will be the last,

With every inch of my being, I knew I couldn’t rush this,

Every moment has a part to play and we must honour every single one,

Opportunity always presents itself,

A window I knew was mine,

Of course, it was and so the initiation picked up the paced,

I felt her alive under my skin days before the needle touched my skin.

I knew she was a portal and involution into myself,

I knew I would never be the same again,

It hurt like Hell,

It was excruciating,

She was under the protection of a second skin so she could get used to me and I could get used to her,

Once again I knew when she ready to be revealed,

I am an interconnected, transpersonal, hedonistic holy human that has made peace with my past, lifetimes of torture and torment transmuted into innocent and erotic love… the best kind.


Melting into the moment and devoted to her as she constantly reminds me of who I am.