Stripping down the layers not to bring you down,

Expose you

Heal you so we can rebuild you.


Perfection, every scar more beautiful than the next.

Each one telling a story of your greatness.

What a blessing you are.

Not needing to heal any part of yourself.


Layer by layer, piece by piece we take off the masks.

And dance.

Say thank you.

Love that piece of you that fucked up.

That was broken.



Taken for granted.



Made to feel insignificant and stupid.

High on life

Curled up in a ball and ready to say Sayonara.


Those pieces, I look at I am a proud Mum smiling with pride and admiration.


Hello… you.


Feel that greatness.

Feel that softness.

Feel that love.

Feel that uniqueness.


There is no wrong path so we don’t need to worry.


Running as fast as I could to change who I am.

Wanting to rip my skin off to be someone different.

Begging for healers to heal me.

Pledging to experts to tell me the way.


Always apologising.

For everything.


Even when it’s not aloud.

Silently apologising for not trying hard enough to “good”, for being too loud, too quiet, too inappropriate, too fat, too skinny, too old, too young…


The more you look the more is there, so at some point we just need to stop and get on with living the life you actually really want to live.


It’s all around us.


Unapologetically, show up and be yourself, as you are.






That is the epic person I actually see and want to jam with you baby.


All of a sudden life looks… good… you are worthy of living your dream, the dream is the reality.


The only thing that looks good on you is you.


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