Navigating the narrative.

Renee Mayne, navigating the narrative

Do you ever feel like you’ve come full circle?

The moment in time where the quest has brought you to a transcended existential point in your life where you get to revisit the narrative from a new vantage point?

There in lies my commitment to my evolution and expansion.

Taking solace and enjoyment from being nobody…

At Seven Sisters this year I was introduced to someone and they asked the question… “What do you do?

I said, “This weekend I am nobody.

This curious cat wasn’t comfortable with this answer and said “Well if I was to meet you in the street what would you say?”

I said, “I’m not on the street and I am not defined by what I do.”

Why do we put so much energy into tying our identity to what we “do”?

Perfecting the elevator pitch.

Trying to create intrigue and be clever with how we describe ourselves.

Be out there, but not too out there.

Be vulnerable, but not too vulnerable.

  • It’s not a pitch fest.
  • We aren’t defined solely by what we do.
  • Life isn’t a transaction, contrary to how you might feel.
  • Letting go of the urge to attach ourselves as any one thing.

Man, we gotta let that shit go.

This year I have been on a self inflicted journey through “no man’s land” and exploring my “nobody”, and it has been incredible.

Do you want to know what I found when I am nobody?

That I can do anything.

My label, my brand, my business, my service and my life are interchangeable and what I make them. Take all of it away and I am not wiped out or empty, I am still whole. I am still full, I am still complete and all of it means nothing… no-thing!

When all the cards are on the table and taken away, knowing that I am the power source of my entire being is all I ever need.

An energy station and I decide what frequency I am vibing at.

Five years ago The Universal Laws played a significant role in my life and business and I was drawn to the mutable Universal Laws and I didn’t know why back then, but I do now.

The mutable Universal Laws evolve as we do, more so when we stop trying to force them to change, control them or fixate on any of them with any form of hierarchy or manipulation.

The Universal Laws represent our lives.

Their significance is grand and majestic.

At times I have been told to simplify my sharing’s… if I do that I am interrupting my frequency to one I don’t understand and we cannot do that, because it goes against the Law Of Truth.

The Law Of Truth states that those who are of the same frequency will jam with our station and those who aren’t will simply hear white noise. If we defend our truth, it is no longer our truth, hence why it’s so frigging mutable because we are hard wired to defend ourselves when we really shouldn’t (unless you’re willing to let that truth go). Truth simply is and as A Course In Miracles says “Nothing Real Can Be Threatened; Nothing Unreal Exists”

Let us look into The Law Of Karma.

Contrary to what many believe, Karma is not a bitch and it is never about punishment. It is about choice and understanding that Karma is life, Karma is ALL things. It is a ripple effect of our actions and our commitment to congruency where our actions are aligned with our truth, and our truth is aligned to our actions that are determined by our ability to listen to our soul self or infinite intelligence.

How well do you listen to your intel?

How much do you trust your intel?

The Law Of Gender.

Paying particular attention to both our masculine and feminine, but more importantly the fusion between both. Ditching all societal bollocks, spiritual wank and preconceived ideas about how a man and a woman should be, do, act or look. Rather working on your relationship with both and the most honouring, wholesome and objective way.

Having a fluid unison that doesn’t focus on either or, instead welcoming in both and trusting your ability to draw upon whatever you need in all moments… when you are committed to this non-dualistic living.

… That of course brings us to The Law Of Polarity, ditching the labels and it’s not about identifying where we are on the pole of polarity, it’s being comfortable in knowing that you are the entire pole at all times and being at peace with that in the most non judgmental way. Being all encompassing of all that is and not buying into the notion of good or bad, heaven or hell, rich or poor… The infinite is everything, which of course means YOU are everything… ALL OF IT.

That’s what makes us so powerful, not embracing a portion of who we are, but all of who we are. Honouring all of it.

… Ironically, that brings us to the last mutable Universal Law, the Law Of Connection. Imagine, just for a moment that you live by these Universal Laws as I have described above… the connection… the foundation to oneness, is really determined by the connection we have to self. Now you can begin to imagine just how expansive we are… our life, how we feel, our reality is all determined by our connection to self.

The connection we have to self is of course mutable and forever changing, yet I invite you to deepen your connection to self and explore the vastness of the infinite intelligence you can access by… allowing yourself to be a “nobody.”