Neo-Spiritual Concepts & The Cosmic Egg

Universal Laws, Natural Laws, Neo- Spiritualism, Somatic Kink

Now a days I am more and more despondent to Neo-spiritual concepts and really honour the origin of where the cosmic egg began.

The work of Hermeticism, Carl Jung and Freud are teachings I hold in high esteem, I think their work is brilliant. It goes beyond all religion and cultures which really speaks to me.

Concepts that have been watered down and diluted I believe have added to the separation and disassociation many people feel today.

For those who know me know I LOVE the mutable laws, because I believe that once we truly integrate them the transition into the immutable laws are ever lasting.

These Universal Laws speak to me and living them helps me see, know and understand that so much of what we believe is bollocks.

The whole movement around feminine and masculine is so frigging limiting and feeds into the machine and inequality between men and women, robbing BOTH wholeness and true understanding of who we really are.

The Universal Laws can be taught, but the MUST be lived, integrated and embodied.

I tell the Interns all the time, it must be a felt experience.

Teaching snippets or one diluted version of ANY Universal Laws is like giving someone a birthday cake that has already had slices taken out. Look any polarity and vibration, both are often taken out of context.

Hermeticism works BEYOND all of it and is backed by both science and spiritualists.

Couple that with understanding that whenever there has been a misalignment with one of these laws it has stored an unconscious kink in the body and the subconscious mind, and when we know how to identify these kinks and honour the origin magic happens!!

Wholeness is restored.

So Somatic Kink is not just about s e x, s e x magick and kink.
It’s not about teaching you how to ‘meet the one’ or ‘raise your vibe’.
It’s not teaching how to become a Dominatrix and embrace your feminine.

It’s about restoring wholeness and origin.

It’s all encompassing.

You see, I believe our real work is to completely reframe our perception around low and high vibe, whereby we bring absolute reverence to all of it. To bring joy and pleasure in fear, anger and sadness, to know how use and work with them so help evolve.

We’ve been trying to override emotions for too long, we can create a much more loving world when we can meet ourselves in all moments. All the chaos and tension in carry in our minds and bodies is us trying so hard to outrun our shadow, and that is impossible. Our bodies KNOW when we are lying, when something is faked and forced.

The universe has different plans for us and why we think we’re here and why we’re actually here are two different stories.

So this is me honouring the egg.