No Wonder We Are Stressed, Depressed & Anxious.

No wonder we are stressed, depressed, and anxious.

Why do we spend so much time trying to change ourselves,

Trying to alter who we are,

To become better versions of ourselves,

Right now it seems ridiculous.

Why do we let other people change our we perceive ourselves, how we think and what we should or shouldn’t do with our lives…

That seems ridiculous.

It takes courage to stand strong in who you are and not get rattled by the world around us, or wait for everything to be perfect to take any action, or love who we are…

When you think about the time we spend trying to please other people, change ourselves and absorbing all the noise around us… it equates to most of our waking hours. No wonder we are stressed, depressed and anxious.

It’s human nature to have the hunger to label everything, if you are feeling sad for a period of time we are depressed. Now this is not to dismiss depression and severity of it, far from it. However given the hours we dedicate to absorb unhealthy external thoughts, energy, perceptions and feelings, it is really that surprising?

Throw our societal conditioning of not addressing problems, anger, sadness and trauma, thinking we can just throw it under a rug and we have an epidemic on our hands.

Welcome to the modern world.

We are getting laser blasted every waking minute of how we are supposed to look, feel, be better, work and live. The funny thing? Is most people don’t even realise and continue to live out their days without questioning any of it.

“Depression is nothing but deep rest, at some point in our life we all need to be depressed. “ Sheel Sindhu.

It’s our ability to have courage to sit with our pain, sadness and anger because they have too much to tell us. The trouble is, we don’t take the time to listen or if you’re super spiritual you will psychoanalyse it until you’ve exhausted your soul and we think it’s been transmuted and given back to the universe.

What if we ditched the extremes?

We take the time to listen, integrate and hear it, then let it disperse on it’s own accord?

What if we didn’t judge our anger or sadness and deem them as wrong or bad?

What if we ditched the belief that for every negative emotion we have opened up the floodgates to adversity?

What if it didn’t have to be so hard?

“For us to be whole, we need to allow ourselves to be whole.” Matt Kahn.

In other words, can we please stop trying to change who we are?

For the sake of our sanity and our evolution, to accept all parts of ourselves, because that is our divine right.

That thing that you want to change about yourself, I invite to love the shit out of that and not change.

Take the time to listen.

Stand strong in who you are and be yourself.

Let the opinions of others float away and trust yourself, back yourself and know your worth.

That doesn’t mean you can be stubborn, unchanging and you don’t have to do the work. Noooooo.

It means we take the time TO do the work, FIRST.

It means, be a conscious creator.

It means being aware of the bullshit spiritual beliefs we consciously and unconsciously have.

It means, listen to soul and do that. 

It means, love yourself hard… and soft… and everything in between.

It means, have boundaries and adhere to them.

It means, open up to hedonism because the more we let in, the more we are present in the moment, we allow more fun in and we soften, and when we do that our soul expands in ways that make us eternal.