How can I make money and change the world without selling my soul or changing who I am_

Numbers, always numbers.

Nine to five.

Escaping the numbers.

You can take someone out of the 9 to 5, but it takes a long time to take the 9 to 5 out of the person.

If ever.

Always the numbers.

Wide-eyed and green and ready to make a difference.

Excited like Cheshire cat purring up against every single opportunity.

Claws in ready to stand firm on your path.

Unable to prowl and explore when you’re locked in.

Unable to move freely.

Eyes on the prize, ready to pounce.

A clear target in your vision.

Eyes narrowed, destiny known.

Not focused on all prey just THE prey.

Every stride taken with clear conviction, low to the ground and owning every step.

You pounce, miss.

And as you look around you realise that you’re so focused on the finishing line you forgot about the journey.

Eyes wide open.

There is beauty in someone being so courageous that they never conform.

Because the business world is like we are in a transformer movie, transforming into something else

Someone else.

… Someone else business model.

… Someone else thoughts.

… Someone else sales funnel.

… Someone else target market.

… Someone else material that has been taught to the masses with no integration or discernment to take what you need and make it your own.

… Noooo it’s “Do exactly what I do and you have this too.”

Someone else’s path, that isn’t my own.

Feeling like a fraud in my own skin.

Conformed and conditioned morphing myself to be seen and to be heard.






Where is my place in the business world.

How can I make money and change the world without selling my soul or changing who I am?

How can go from doing OK, trying to make to actually making it and being known in a way that my tribe isn’t just a number on a production line.

What is the one thing I want to be known for?


Focus on that one thing, not all things, just one thing.


Get that right.

Focus on all things and you lose sight or who you are and so does everybody else.

Simple is key.


As long as it is your simple and not somebody else’s.


Stay true to who you are.

There is a way to create leverage,

Create change,

Make money,

Feel free,

Have everything,

All at once without changing who you are, but expanding into who you really are.


That is the Hedonistic Way.





Unorthodox disruptors who want stereo un typical success.


discovery of YOUR truth