One part Warrior, one part Alchemist & a dash on the magical child.

One part Warrior, one part Alchemist & a dash on the magical child.

A warrior that is tired of the war.

The battlefield where the fight is over before it has even begun.

A war-cry that echoes throughout lifetimes.

I am tired.

Tired of the fight.

Tired of wondering when it’s going to end.

Tired of thinking there is only one side.

One winner

It’s not who fights fair, it’s who fights harder.

It’s the wounds that you can’t see that hurt the most.

Always fighting

And it’s not my fight.

Alone on the battlefield.

Feeling every loss that I have seen before my eyes.

This warrior has been fighting for long, one war ends and another one begins.


The same war, just different faces.

Different reasons

The same outcome.

Always beaten.


The warrior who has a strength that runs so deep that giving up is not an option.

The warrior that feels victory is so close you can smell it.

The warrior that loves so fiercely that hope keeps you going.

The warrior that both welcomes the night and fears the night, longing for rest, but knowing that the sun will rise again and the new dawn brings a battlefield that is waiting for you to lead the way.

Always on.


The magical child gleams the ray of hope that makes you feel alive, unstoppable and that it’s always for a reason.

A better world

A glance that people can’t help but look at in wonder when you fly past leaving a trail of magic in the air where ever you go.

The magical child who dreams so big

Love so wide

Hope is infinite.

There is no doubt, there is only the dream of the magic you can create tomorrow.


A new dawn

A ray of knowing across the horizon.

The field that was a battlefield is a field of gold.

The metal armor once disarmed has the ability to turn into gold.

The eye is on one seed at a time, not the entire harvest.

But one seed.

Nurturing it

Loving it

Removing the weeds

Spraying it with nutrients that will have a long lasting effect, not spraying it with a short term solution for long term damage.

Clear paths in between crops for a seamless way to get to a to b.

Don’t plant a seed in a crop that is already saturated

Already forcing to it shrink, fight and scream for attention, forcing it to change direction just to look for light.

Find a clear piece a land to soil your oats.

Remove the weeds that make you fight for attention.

Focus on one plant at a time, not the entire harvest.

Don’t bank on good weather tomorrow, do it today.

Forecast your own weather and in a way that feels good and allows you to shine in your light, not somebody else’s.

Night will fall

Darkness will come

See the stars in the darkness and dance under the moon.

Light always comes.

A new dawn

A new day

Always light


One Part warrior.

The warrior, a true warrior is not afraid of being getting wounded.

A true warrior knows they are never alone.

A true warrior knows that when you dismantle the armor and let vulnerability rule. That is all the victory you need.


One part alchemist

The alchemist sees possibility in everything.

The alchemist can turn metal into gold because it focuses on one thing, not all things.

Transformation can only begin when we first believe.


A dash of the magical child

The part that remembers to dream

That part that always has hope

The part that believes in you more than anything else in the world.

The part of you that makes you see joy and love in all things.

That part that is secretly sprinkling and leaving a trail of magic wherever you go.


Darkness will come

A new dawn will arrive

Where there is always hope



Transformation is not far behind.

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