My Introduction To Oprah Live On Stage In Australia 2015

oprah and renee onstage 2


*Given the opportunity*

This woman needs no introduction because she has a deep connection with all of us, she is proof that miracles do happen and that anything is possible. She has given us hope, wisdom, knowledge, happiness, joy, love, empowerment and possibility. Possibility, that we can do anything, be anyone and have the most amazing life. She has created an empire of love and possibility and she is the ripple effect of all the good in this world, she has touched the lives of so many and more than we could ever really imagine. It takes someone special to build able to create the bond and connection that runs so deep to so many people. The unity, the oneness and is-ness that she oozes that transforms lives.

She has given me hope, inspiration and the ability to move forward, grow and be all I could be so many times throughout my life. And at times when I didn’t think it was possible.

We all have a story and experience that gifts us with this unison that we feel right now. Domestic violence and abuse was a part of my life as a child and as a young adult in my own relationship. I got beaten so many times until one day I was unable to be put back together again and all that was left was the real me, without all the stories that surround I AM. I was never scared of the beating, but I was scared that I was going to live this life forever and not the one I had dreamed about when I was a little girl.

You see, Oprah is the gateway that led us to the world’s most transformation people…. That she is the heart of. As I travelled the world and got paid for it, really well. I got my stuff together… to go on and live the life I had always dreamed about, because the world was going to know my name.

My big sister said to me one day “But Renée, what do you WANT to do with your life?” and I said “I just really want to make a difference, I feel like I can make a difference… Like Oprah.” I was 24 and I didn’t know why I was going to that, but I knew that I could.

Then one day around 8 years later when I was 32 I went to a see Tony Robbins and he said “When you’re at a time in your life and don’t know what to do, how to solve this problem you can tap into someone you look up to and ask yourself “What would they do?” This technique has helped me so many times when I felt out of my depth in life and in my business.

Now at 38, over the last few months I have taken my clients through an Emerge workshop, it’s a really cool process that transforming your thinking and overcome self doubt and overwhelm. I did the process on myself first and a small part of it is “Who do you admire and why?”

I wrote Oprah’s name down and the qualities I admire were…

Her playfulness, philanthropy, she is completely herself in business. To be true to who you are, make a difference and make money.

Her platforms and the way she reaches people, her ability to see things in others and give them an opportunity. Her delivery in teaching, helping and inspiring others in a way that’s not too out there.

Her ability to “see” and own it, her passion and sense of fun.

She says everyone as equal and the sense of united consciousness I feel.

The list could go on for pages and I know you have your own reasons why you love her so much. So if you can take a second and fill your heart with all of those qualities that is Oprah, that is you and set the intention that you and everyone hear have the most amazing connected, united experience tonight and give a biggest most gigantic welcome as Oprah comes to the stage.