PLEASURE VS DESIRE, embodiment, hedonism, spirituality

Embodiment and Integration.

What it is and what it IS NOT.

Embodiment and pleasure is where nothing is left out and nothing is wrong.

Does this make them the same thing, no.

Does this make one more important than the other, no.

Does this make one shallow and self indulgent, no.

Firstly, if we weren’t supposed to use and enjoy our senses, we wouldn’t have them. When you melt into them we come alive, life is amplified.

There is nothing shallow about pleasure or hedonism, it’s a sacred life force that is available to everybody.

When we look at the scale of consciousness desire and lust are way down on the scale… like one above fear.

A lot of people place pleasure/ hedonism and desire/ lust under the same umbrella, they are very different.

Desire and lust are outward focused, when we look for external things to fulfil us. For example, it might be porn, chocolate, fast cars or sex.

Desire and lust are/ can be seen as objectification.

Lusting over someone is different from worshipping someone, like a Lover.

Pleasure and hedonism is a self fulfilled honouring that comes from within, determined by your own love, acceptance and worshipping of self. It’s devotion where we use all of who we are and tap into our neural pathways sending signals to our nervous system. From there we see the interconnection and fusion of our mind, body, soul and spirit.

When we do this we unite and align our womb, our heart, our voice and our intuition where is experience an *integrated consciousness.

When we EMBODY this, we anchor and ground ourselves (all of who we are) into our body. When we do this we release emotional trauma, ancestral wounds and alter thought patterns and attune them into ones that are all encompassing, self-loving and honouring. We become equip to tune into our innate wisdom, have clarity and certainty.

It DOES NOT mean we are masturbating our way through our pain and trauma or looking for a next fix of pleasure and hedonism to avoid life.

Nor does it mean that sometimes we won’t hurt like hell and be hard.

It means we are integrated and embodied consciousness whereby we can inhabit Heaven no matter where we’re standing and what’s going on around us. Even when it hurts, we have faith, courage and power to meet it because we have dissolved our perception around polarity.


We are Holy & Humxn.