Today I Make A Pledge…


May I set the prime intention that over the next 30 days my physical body releases unused and unwanted body fat so my physical body is aligned and is strongly connected to my spiritual body… my soul and my higher self.

May I use the next 30 days to release old thought patterns and behaviors that no longer serve me. May everything I do, think and create serve the greater good for all kind. May I be more abundant than over before for the well being of all people.

Today I make the decision and set the prime intention that today I begin ascension intention setting, where I constantly set micro intentions for everything I do and I use the art of acceptance and the love vibration to recognise that we are all transcending on a spiritual path and other people’s actions are not aligned to me in any way and I choose to see the good and admire the universe rapidly working with all people to move them forward on their path.

Every mouthful of food I have helps heal all people, every drink I drink nourishes the souls of all people. May everything I do and create transform and heal all kind on a level that is magical.

Today I make the decision to wake up at 5:20am so I can meditate, connect and set the intention for the day. To tap in and write the infinite intelligence so I can share it globally and have it received with open love and open arms.

May I be more abundant, blissful, joyful, happy and grateful than ever before for the well being all kind. 

Over the next 30 days I will be consuming food and beverages that will heal, release and nourish my physical body, emotional body and my spiritual body. I will look forward and set my intentions for what I want and not look back to heal, but recognise, appreciate and express love for the natural ability for my physical body and spiritual body to dance together to ensure they are aligned, connected and interwoven at all times

May I do this dance and play this game of life so I can experience and enjoy this journey so I can then become the tour guide for other people so they too can find love and joy in their dance and game that we call life.


And so it is, as it will be.