Understanding The Law Of Polarity



If you imagine every part of your mind, body, thoughts, and actions as well as every thing has a vibration that is like a heartbeat.

You send out a frequency and you get back exactly the same frequency you send out.

Everything has flow, rhythm. The tide comes in and the tide goes out, the goes up and it comes down. We have summer, autumn, winter, spring and summer arrives again.

It’s like when a pendulum swings, it goes back and forth and just at the point when it’s a about to swing back the other way…. That’s where your truth lies.

Everything has an opposite, ultimately they are the same just varying in degree.

Where there is light there has the potential of darkness, where it is cold there is the likelihood of warmth and hot.

Imagine every area in your life, career, health, money, love and happiness.


Example of poles

law of polarity

Now in between those ends are varying degrees, your pulse if you will.

You can use your emotional guidance system to raise your frequency or pulse to push the lever up. You must see it rise, feel it rise and be in the frequency, then your physical experience can manifest it and make it happen.

The law of polarity, to me, also encompasses the law of vibration and rhythm.

The Law of Vibration

Is knowing that everything has a frequency, a frequency that it sends out and you attract the same frequency back. Hence the saying “You get what you give”. Imagine you there is an infinite light grid, you are a light on that grid. You manifest the same people, experiences and opportunities that are the same brightness as you are. If you want to attract better opportunities you need to brighten your light…. Raise your frequency or vibration.

The Law Of Rhythm

Self mastery is what we aspire to live, always being the student will only take you so far. We must learn and be the master, never the student. Because it’s a completely different shift in your mindset and you put out there and therefore attract. Self mastery is having the ability to know when the pendulum is about to turn the other way and to rise above it and remain above until it comes back. In other words, not letting emotions or doubt get in the way of your journey. Not letting the mental pendulum swing influence you and letting it go…. Dissolve. Not justify, not put aside for a rainy day, but dissolve.

Never justify your feelings our experience to make yourself feel better, it’s a band aid and it will resurface. Give it love and let it dissolve.