Raising Individual Consciousness

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You want life to be interesting

You want life to be meaningful

You want to live your best life possible

There is a misconception around spirituality and what “type” of people is spiritual, and it can make people really uncomfortable. Have you ever noticed that?

Something that I really want to emphasis is I am a spiritual, conscious person who is also very “real” and practical. An element of the spiritual industry that I dislike… or better said it doesn’t resonate with me at all, is it can be fluffy and old school.

I really want to change that, because I believe that before us is an evolutional journey where we need to understand that once we communicate freely and knowingly between our soul, our brain and our minds we enter into a new realm that is completely unlimited and blissful.

Encouraging, inspiring and teaching people how to create a happy, abundant life is more than just a thought, so much more. You can live life wide-awake and live in the “real” world without sacrificing who you really are.

You can even like fashion, shoes, lingerie and getting your hair done…. (Or is that just me?) When I went to Chicago for the Conscious Living World Fair, I went with two friends. During our time there we realised that our vision of the spiritual word was the same and together we are so much stronger, so we united and together we are Ascended Agents.


Ascended Agents


We host monthly meet ups where we connect with like spirited people as we share and release with the intention of expansion. In November we are hosting our first workshop called Raising Individual Consciousness and it’s going to be amazing, a day to remember. It’s at an intimate place not far from Melbourne so it’s easily accessible to for the day, yet you will feel like you’re a world away.

During this one-day workshop you will be taken on a journey…

• To discover universal laws so you can live life wide-awake.

• You will learn how to connect and ignite the light within so you get the answers you need.

• Learn the power of asking and the exact words to manifest life you want.


People are longing for an understanding, a knowing and way they can live their life where they just feel good and not restrained to rules, boundaries or limits. To us feminine energy is the divine balance of masculine and feminine, dark and light, good and bad, earth and the universe, womb space and heart space. It’s not about fluff, inauthentic positivity, being “on purpose” or velour table clothes and crystal balls. It’s about…. Being.

• You will learn practical yet powerful tools to help you live a soulful life in the real world.

• You will connect with other heart-based people

• You will feel empowered and ready to live an unlimited and unconditional life.

• You will leave inspired with a sense of knowing and new clarity about whom you are and where you want to go.

• You will have the tools to get you there.


Come join us in beautiful Red Hill in Victoria overlooking the ocean for a full day of connection, enlightenment, fun & delicious fresh food.

One day workshop including lunch for the energy exchange of $197

I really hope to see you there!