To Re-educate The Educated

education, learning or not

A person it not necessarily an educated person with an abundance of general or specialised knowledge, an educated person is a person who has sown the faculties of their mind that they can require anything that want or it’s equivalent, without harming or violating the rights of others.  Dr. Thurman Fleet said in 1934.

Most mentors focus on where you want to go and that’s important but imagine this, you’re dumped on a rotate island and you know you want to go home. You KNOW where home is, but you need to know where you are NOW so you can find your way.

Your life and business is the same, where are you now and where do you want to go? This will allow you the space to how to make it happen.

To re educate is about bringing out that something special in someone that has been doormat within,

Education is about taking a fantasy, a goal to ignite hope. Once we ignite hope we can use creativity, innovation and we practice it everyday until we adopt a new habit, a new obsession.

We have infinite power within us, we born with these powers and they are slowly diminish as we are told to focus, concentrate and do as we’re told. Once we learn how to use our imagination, creativity and visualisation skills we begin to unlock the power within.

Setting a goal is about stretching yourself; money is not about accumulation it’s about growth.


Most people set a goal they think they can achieve; therefore there is no inspiration to achieve it because you know you can already do it. When we set ourselves an inspired vision with purpose that stretches us greatly we begin to fantasise, this fantasy allows us to visualise and that is where we ignite the desire to pursue, act and accomplish our goals.

If you’re not motivated, you’re not stretching yourself enough; you’re not allowing yourself to reach your full potential, your just sidestepping.


Walk forward.