Rebirthing to Reborn to Wonderment

our true identity

Renée means Reborn.

It’s the merging of being and becoming that brings us to a space of wonderment.


With the birth of each of my children I lost a piece of myself and I also found a piece of myself. Something happened and it was the beginning of an unfolding that leaves me feeling profound love and gratitude for all that is.

As I look around at the people who are in life and continue to enter it leaves me breathless and enjoying the new air that fills my lungs.

I can’t help but feel like I am in the process of discovering the real me and at times I feel foreign in my own body and surprised by what escapes me lips, but there is also a sense of coming home.

I know that the little nudges along the way have brought me here to this very moment and if I weren’t open to allow these new feelings to come into my awareness I would be just a shadow of who I really am. It’s stepping into who I really am and allowing my message to resonate in the hearts of others… and trusting the form that it needs to be expressed. Giving love to the feeling of “Who am I to do that? What will people think? ”

It’s no longer about being “on” path, we must be the path  or as The Mystic Wanderer said (my Kundalini Yoga teacher) this morning our Sat Nam “our true identity”.

The truth is, who we are is constantly evolving and feeling the energy flow up and through me is so much more than anything I have yet to experience. The connection I feel to the earth below and infinite divine is strong flowing through me as much as blood elegantly travels through my body and as real as the air that I breathe is… how can I not trust that?

I love that the people in my life are a reflection of the love I have for myself and anyone or anything that isn’t at the same frequency as love and compassion are transmuted and raised up. When it isn’t, I know that it is not even brought into my awareness or life and that’s OK. I trust that too.

As I sit in a place of profound, unconditional love and gratitude for my amazing life, I know it started because I made it so by feeling that about myself, within myself. It’s a mere reflection and gosh what a beautiful reflection. WOW.

After I gave birth to my beautiful girls I had this heaviness in my thighs, I always said they felt like tree trunks. For the first time today I felt them again. As I continue to lose parts of myself and discover new things, things I didn’t even know existed, yet feel like they are a part of me.

Owning who I am, what I am capable of and by constantly raising my frequency I am opening up new ways, fresh opportunities into my life. I can do what I want to do, when I want to do it and in a way that I want to do it. Understanding that everything is just energy and allowing the energy to travel up through me, within me and out into the universe. It’s like throwing confetti of abundance from the mountains tops and it’s those people who our looking from a space of wonderment that get to enjoy the abundance that is being showered upon them.


And so it is, as it will be.

As below, so below. As within, so without.


Image by Cameron Gray