Scrolling, The Pimp & The Prostitute.

Scrolling, The Pimp & The Prostitute.

Too much scrolling and reading other people’s words,

We struggle to find our own.


Tap in

Check in

And feel life travel through us.

From our yoni it travels up our spine enters to mind

And there we find our words.


Head tilted back

Followed by a sigh of relief.

We’re home.


Every time we scroll

It plants another seed of doubt in our mind…

Our dreams just a little bit further away.

All because we didn’t take any real action towards them,

Because of the mindless scroll.

The un-resourceful scroll.


If I’ve said it once,

I’ve said it twice,

Time is not our most precious commodity,

Our attention is.

Connection is beautiful,


But it must start with the connection we have to ourselves.

Us first,

Everybody else second.


Then, when we do connect to the world and scroll,

It is with purpose.

Intention, attention = impact.


Head out of the sand.

Stake in the ground.



To show the fuck up and do what is needed to be done.

To stop fucking pretending that we are working towards our dreams.

When really…


All that we’re doing is skirting around the edges.

Pretending we’re going with the flow and trusting the flow.

When really.


We’re not showing the up and giving our dreams the ATTENTION they deserve.


Let it begin by connecting with self.

Let the flow of the day find you.

And do that without distractions.

Set timers for scrolling.

Not before you set your intentions.

Do one task every day that moved you directly towards your dream.

Commit to touching base with 5 new people every day… like a lover not a pimp.

Do task the will have the most impact first.

Batch if you must.

Create when the words are strong flowing through you.




Serve when you are embodying your Lover not your prostitute.

Be it a high class hooker or a quickie in the car park, you are selling your soul IF there is any uncertainty, expectation, self- righteousness or manipulation of the service you offer and how you offer it.