Searching for a place called home.

home is where the heart is

So many people spend a lifetime searching for a place where they feel comfortable enough and at peace enough to call it home.


Is it your birthplace?

Somewhere you lived growing up?

Is it the place where you discovered yourself and felt free?

Is it where you live now?


I was watching a video by Lisa Page sharing her journey and quest, echoing Dorothy’s “There’s no place like home…”

It got me thinking and I realised that finding home is finding peace, freedom and happiness.

The town and house where I sent my first 13 years many would probably feel that is home, however I have never felt connected to the town. Neither when I lived there nor whenever I return, I feel no real love or connection to the place at all.

The town where I spent my teenage years, I felt like that was home. I met the most amazing friends, many of which I am still friends with today; only now they aren’t friends they are family. I discovered parts of myself I didn’t know existed and that I am forever grateful. At the same time it’s a place that gave me pain, pain that took a long time to heal.

I spent many years traveling, sometimes residing for long periods of time and others were only brief.  The first time I truly felt at home was when I went to work on cruise liners.

You see I had always felt more like Alice in Wonderland “I’m not like the other kids.”

Until I moved to new a country, started a new job and moved house (which was actually a cabin) all on the same day. I was just like the other kids; all of us escaping, searching and longing for a better life, new experiences and make money at the same time. What I found was myself and first time in my life I felt free.

The people around me accepted me for me, no past, no judgments just the girl in front of them. I didn’t realise it at the time but this was my first understanding of the importance of surrounding yourself with people who lift you and don’t judge you or bring you down. People around you who love you in “normal” life tend to question you without even realising it…

  • Why would you do that? (Because I can)
  • You can’t do that (Pretty sure I can)
  • I didn’t know you wanted to do that (Because you never ask)
  • They judge and doubt your unique gifts only because it takes THEM out of their comfort zone and obviously if THEY don’t believe it then it can’t happen. (Pretty sure it can)


Place yourself in an environment where anything is possible and life is what we make it.

This transformed my whole outlook on life and it transformed me. 

The quest of self-discovering didn’t end there, it was just the beginning. It was when I realised what would become my biggest, most important epiphany that would serve me for the rest of my life. Oddly enough it’s twist on a very old saying…


We have all heard this quote, but we have been searching for “house” or a “place”. Our interruption was too literal, it is no place or destination.

Finding your freedom, your inner peace… your home is connecting with your heart. You can be anywhere and be at home IF you are heart centered and listening to your heart and Dorothy is so right “There is no place like home.”

Home is where the heart is, take time to connect, be within, look within not without and embody the divine soul that you are… I promise you when you stop searching, longing and blaming external people, things and matter and connect to your heart, what awaits you is all the peace, joy, love, abundance and freedom you could ever ask for.