Six ways to inject some self-love and happiness into your life.

reflection and self love

The best thing we can do for ourselves is getting comfortable with the skin we’re in and being comfortable with our thoughts and feelings.

The materialistic and idealistic way we have begun to live our lives is not sustainable and it has caused an increase in debt, suicide, mental illness, cancer, heart problems and obesity. It has to stop.

Life is not about being Supermum and Wonder Woman, where we feel the need to provide a clean house, healthy meals, do pick up and drop off, play taxi as we run around taking the kids to the ridiculous amount of extra activities that we feel obligated to enrol them in…. because hey, we want to give them what we didn’t have. That is a noble thought and beautiful intention, but we are on a one-way street to exhaustion and an unfulfilled and unhappy life.

I am over it, so over it. This is your time too.

Six ways to inject some self-love and happiness into your life. 

1. Sunshine and zen: Statistics show that daily exercise/ movement, clean eating and meditation reduce the risk of mental illness and disease. Disease cannot grow in clean bodies, now I am not saying stop enjoying life. But try and eat as clean as possible. 80% of serotonin lives in your gut, so if you have an imbalance, you are more likely to suffer from depression. (So I have just discovered) Take time to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself, seriously this is not for woo woo, fluffy and out there people it is a must for everybody. This alone can transform the way you feel about yourself, the way you respond to life as opposed to react and it will reduce your stress levels…big time!

2. Create rituals: Often we are reacting to whatever we are feeling at the time, however if we implement these things into our everyday life we are preventing instead or looking for the cure.

3, Being mindful: Present and in the moment stops the mind from going into overdrive. You are where you are as a direct result of the thoughts you have had. Let go of where you have been and where you want to go and enjoy the journey there.

4. Do nice things for yourself: Most people feel deflated when they look in the mirror so I encourage you to realise when you have these thoughts and turn them around. A lot of my time is spent in front of my computer, so it is so easy to wear track pants all day. But you know what, it doesn’t make me feel good about myself.  Learn some quick and easy ways to do your hair and make up.  Create a wardrobe that is comfortable, stylish and effortless!

5. Be there: We give and receive in perfect balance, take time to listen and really be there for our loved ones. Don’t ask a question and not listen to the answer, let go of distractions so you can focus on the person in front of you. Unconditional affection, attention and love go a long way to your emotional happiness.

6. Your surroundings: Let’s not forget to surround yourself with people who lift you up, they love you for you and they support your every step. This is so important to your happiness!


Do these six things and watch your life change.



Image by Adam Scott Miller