4 Words That Are Stopping You Shining In Business

Why words like blueprint, formula, template and self doubt are manipulating you and they are not doing anything for you or your business.

It was my intention in the article to talk about self doubt, mostly self doubt in business and the conversation/ procrastination that can happen when you’re thinking about starting a business…

Then I stopped and I realised that there is so much talk about self doubt, and that’s when I realised that is the reason why we question ourselves, doubt ourselves and don’t take the right steps for ourselves.

You see, a long time ago I promised myself that I would NOT market my business, gain clients and speak on stage from a space that ignites fear or leads you towards pain in order to connect with me, subscribe, buy from me. Have you been to an event and the speaker has made you feel that everything you have done to date has been wrong? To the point where you feel stupid and like a failure? I have.

I have even spent thousands of dollars on mentors and programs only to realise that ultimately they TEACH you how to manipulate the audience to buy.

… It’s pain vs. pleasure

… It pushing you (us) towards pain that pulls you (us) into their field of “I will only succeed if I buy this product, do this mentoring” etc. etc.

I remember saying to a friend many years ago “Surely there is a way to grow your business and serve your clients from a place that inspires them and empowers them? Not always from a place that makes them feel so shit about themselves before people do anything about it?”

With that, instead of talking about self doubt in business, let’s open the discussion around self awareness.

Now that feels better!

Whenever I see the words:

  • Blueprint
  • Template
  • Formula
  • …and I am sure I have forgotten a few.

I see these and they are thrown around a lot! I find myself both frustrated and grateful, because business to me means something so deep that there is NO one formula and no one blueprint for business IF you want to create something that is so powerful, so aligned with core of who YOU are and the difference you want to make…

Yes, there are strategies, insights and certain business models we use and teach, BUT these terms blueprint, formula and template have the same meaning as mirror and match, match and model, cutting cutter and one size fits all.

Become self aware of the words you use, the words you read, the people who say them and notice how they feel in your body. How do they make you feel about yourself?

Words like self doubt, blueprint and formula are programmed within us to activate emotions like uncertainty. Even if we’re not feeling uncertain at the time, our minds are programmed to look for something. People bank on that, their entire marketing strategies and lead generation are based off it. They ignite the feeling of…

“I am missing something”

“I haven’t got the everything I need”

“I need to study more”

“Take more action”

“Research my market more”

“I still don’t have enough, know enough…”

Can you see how this plays out in your business? If that’s not bad enough the people teaching this, teach other people this and they teach other people this… and before you know it, we now have an entire tribe of people in business that are carrying someone else’s beliefs, values, strategies and it’s like wearing a bra or shoes that don’t fit.

They describe themselves the same way, the have the same approach towards business and they come in packs… You’ve seen them, you know them…

I know within me it ignited that little girl who never fits in and doesn’t belong, but now I know better… Now I am self aware and check in all the time to see how it’s feeling. It’s tough because it forces you to make tough decisions sometimes. Like when you’re talking to a friend that no longer is aligned to you, you’re triggered by having the ability to see through someone else BS. You may feel like a outcast once again and go through a moment of mourning and loneliness.

It’s worth it, it’s hard passage, but worth it.

On the other side is having the ability to only do what you really want to do, to surround yourself with people you really want to be around, you can operate and do business from a space that IS YOU and it is beautiful. You can surrender all intentions and desires because you know that everything has already been created and delivered to you. You don’t have to constantly second guess yourself and seek outside confirmation, validation and affirmation that you’re on the right track, because you know.

It’s when you have fully integrated the soul and personality, it takes you on a journey where you and your business are a rainbow bridge to greatness…

It’s starts now and it starts by being self aware.

The world does not need any more noise, if you want to stand OUT from the noise and not contribute to it, if you want your business to be unique and not tailored to someone else’s model than you and I should have a conversation.

I am a Maverick Mentor, unorthodox and completely unconventional, because I believe in YOUR gifts, your gold and your magic. Let’s bring THAT to life.

Then your business means something…

Email me and let’s spark up an amazing conversation…



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