Spirituality & Consciousness In 2014 (and beyond)

Spirituality and consciousness in 2014 (and beyond)

You know, I have been in this space of understanding, allowing and knowing for a while now. The spiritual and conscious world is really beginning to shake up, as we will see the new energy, thoughts and visions come to surface.

  • The Law of Attraction is great, but it’s not complete.
  • The angelic realm is extremely profound, but it’s not as fluffy as it appears in the physical world.
  • Mother Earth is grounding, releasing and growing all time, but there is more.
  • The feminine presence is alive and well, but they are missing a vital part.

Each one is tapped into source, but together they are more powerful than words.

Something that people miss or understatement is the power of communication in the physical world. Spirituality and consciousness in 2014 (and beyond) is all of those things, but it is also practical. We live in a physical world and it doesn’t serve anyone lest of all yourself if you have your head in clouds or you’re swinging around a tree admiring nature.

Feel you feet on the earth, for sure.

Feel connected to the infinite sky above, for sure.

But the secret to the absolute strongest form of enlightenment you will ever discover is  the communication between your sacred heart, sacred womb and sacred brain that allows you to unlock the sacred mind that is divine wisdom. It allows you think clearer, be guided by your inner sense of knowing, see your future and simply be in every moment.

In this day and age we have seen absolute transparency with social media and the relationship with have with material things… What I have realized is the same transparency is pinching us off to the real us. Our thought patterns and our desire to resonate with others are keeping us on the same path where we don’t move forward in the way that is infinitely possible.

Now I am not saying that we can’t resonate with others, but I ask you; who do you really wish to resonate with? Someone who makes you see you for you or someone who wants to keep you down?

You know when you feel great and you have clarity, then you talk to someone and your thoughts and vision become murky? Keep your clarity and vision to yourself until you have raised your vibration and you are confident in the progress then you can share it with others. You can’t manifest and create a life you want unless you are a vibrational match to the point of attraction.

Keep all thoughts aligned, focused and connected to sacred space within you.

Activate the sense of knowing; the sense of being and you will begin to access all of the wisdom that is available in each dimension that is you.

You will bring through fresh ideas as you let go of all the old conditioning of the past, the denseness. You are so much more than a soul or matter; you are a divine combination of elements upon elements and layers upon layers.

Self-mastery is determined by whether or not you can dismiss the scattered mind, which is detrimental to self-mastery. Once you learn to communicate freely between your soul, your heart, your brain and your womb space you will unlock the divine power that resigns in our sacred mind. It allows you to raise your vibration to infinite wisdom and divine possibilities.

This is never done, we will continue to reveal and create new layers that are free of boundaries and your future is glorious.

If you have been feeling strong emotions that feel extremely intense you are ready and awakening, it’s been gentle nudges that are moving you into alignment and giving you a new sense of self.


You can become your own prophecy to your life. 


I hope to see you at our Melbourne workshop where we go through every layer so you can claim your wings.