8 Start-up Business Lessons

The 8 Start-up Business Lessons I Would Tell Myself If I Could Turn Back Time

In the beginning you followed the thread, the desire or the notion that you are supposed to be something else.

In the beginning you were waiting for the right time and the right moment to start your business.

… In the beginning I had this idea and gave up at the first hurdle, there was no stamina and hunger because “life was OK”. I had a job I kind of liked, I found true love and although in the back of my mind, I knew there was a desire that my life didn’t really look like this, there was no real motivation to take the leap.

Although I believe that everything happens at the divine right time, this is what I would say to my past self and I hope they help you…

  1. Persistence is one of the most important things in business: if something doesn’t work, DON’T GIVE UP! You just need to grow a backbone because business will test you in ways that rocks your core. Find another way, there is always another door and you must keep going.
  1. There is no right time: there is always another holiday you want to go on, more bills to pay, more money to pay off the house and life isn’t going to slow down.
  1. If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. Don’t ignore those warning signs that gut feeling or that quiet whisper. You will always wish that you listened to yourself.
  1. When you get a mentor, make sure they are aligned with YOUR values and they conduct business in a way that is aligned with you. You don’t need a coach or another to do list, you need someone to reach inside of you and create something that is unique to you, NOT match and mould one size fits all business model.
  1. Don’t do what everybody else is doing, march to your own drum. Just make sure it makes sense to you and your tribe… and you’re not being all rebel like just because you think a misfit is cool.
  1. Do ONE thing and do it well. You will be tempted to change direction, do something else or add something else into the mix. Keep it simple and ask yourself “Is this something I really want to be doing, does it really fit?”
  1. Spend time setting up your funnel, your experience and your marketing message because it saves you SO MUCH time and you will get way better results.
  1. Don’t waste time longing to hang out with the cool kids, if people don’t see you and love you for you. They are not your people, but don’t worry because by honouring that you automatically create the space for your people to come into your life.


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