When a student is ready the teacher will appear.

When a student is ready the teacher will appear.

… Why then do we question that?

… Why then do we feel the need for emotional manipulation (unconsciously or consciously) get someone over the line?

… Lead towards pain to take them to pleasure?

Every coach, mentor or teacher has a different approach and I can only say what feels in integrity to me…

For me, working with a client is collaboration, where we come together consciously to co-create an amazing existence.

Amazing doesn’t mean perfect.

It doesn’t mean avoid pain, fear and leaning into what only feels “good”


…It’s about being realistic that we are constantly evolving and knowing that you have NEVER done anything “wrong”

… THERE IS NO WRONG (even when it feels shit)


That means how we show up in every way, every day.

That means who we are “off stage” is the same as who we are “on stage”

It’s understanding that we are not lineal beings where work and life are separate.

In my 12 years in business

In my 22 years in service/ management/ leadership/ personal development/ spiritual development and constant formal and informal learning…


… Constant seeking and learning for another qualification will NEVER make you FEEL QUALIFIED.

… No amount of “success” will make you feel like you have achieved or accomplished anything, unless you start feeling successful everyday. (Whatever that looks like to you)


If your service does not bring you PLEASURE, it is NOT sustainable.


… Passion is wavering.

… Hustle is unsustainable

… But hedonism… Ohhhh hedonism is solid.

We are layers upon layers of new discoveries about who we are, what we want and what is ready to be transmuted.


  • I have made money and given it away.
  • I have been in and on every single major print and TV network in Australia and international… and STILL didn’t feel enough.
  • I have had “success” and not felt “successful”
  • I have been surrounded by amazing people and still felt alone and not understood.
  • I have had the “perfect” body and it wasn’t good enough.


Yet in the last 5 years I have learned to love myself, as I am.

I have discovered that no amount of perceived “success” would ever make me happy unless I embody ALL OF WHO I AM.


… In the last 5 years I have birthed, created and embodied a new way to be, serve and I have never been happier or more in love.


I have also never cried so much.

Slept so much.

Written so much.

Experienced so much pain AND pleasure.

Served so openly, deeply, willingly and lovingly.



And I felt like it still wasn’t enough…


Fuck! The transformational they receive is mind blowing.

How I work is like… something that I can’t even explain because it travels through me and I blow myself away.

I have created The Hedonistic Way

… Because I realise I see people in ways that are fragmented to them, but a beautiful complete picture to me.

… What happens when we co-create consciously together we form a beautiful work of art that is your business, your marketing, your canvas and your life… it’s all one.



The way it’s meant to be.


I am the creator of The Hedonistic Way, but I am also the student.

Once we co-create it, it becomes a way of life.


… Your business or how you serve in the world is NEVER actually done. (So stop thinking it will.)

… There is NO one way to do anything. (So stop looking for the magic bullet or the magic person.)

… You canNOT grow your business without growing yourself.


… Triggers are a signal that something is ready to be transmuted.

…Not everything is a reflection of your life… sometimes it’s a flash shot of what you are healed.

… There are ups and downs and everything in between no matter who you are, where you’re from and how far along in the journey you are.

… Self-pleasure is saying yes to yourself and opening up the gates to receive and that starts with us.

… Let life travel through you.



It’s pretty spectacular how it happens and unfolds, and there are several ways we can co-create and collaborate, let’s come together and explore what that could look like for you.



This hedonistic experience has been carefully, intuitively and well thought through to give you the utmost support, guidance, transformation and up levelling you have been dreaming about… (1)