Summon My Eagles

Summon the ealges

Clinging onto the yearning for you to love me,

Longing for the acknowledgment that you heard me,

I’m OK when you’re OK,

My happiness rested upon yours,

You before me,

Watching, waiting from the sidelines longing for my own flock of eagles,

May today we rise.

Me before we,

With power and grace,

Integrity and wisdom,

Truth and intuition,


Be the vision.

Let self worth be alive and running strong through my veins.

A knowing that no external confirmation or acknowledgment is more important than my own.

Defending my truth is no longer my truth,

Truth holds trumps over happiness,

Happiness is fleeting and gateway to the suppression of truth.

Me, responsible for my connection to source,

You responsible for yours,

Then we can come together and truly unite as one great force,

Together as one,

Only because we are powerful, strong and free as we are,

When I am free to be me,

And you are free to be you.

I call in my eagles.

Not before I rise.

For then you will hear my call.




Image respect and kudos to Stephen Lucas


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