The attributes of success and how we are asking the wrong questions.

Space clearing old energy

I was asked to talk about success and the attributes you need for success…

But I’m not going to talk about that, because I think we are asking ourselves the wrong questions. I think there is too much talk about “the attributes” you need and not enough discussion around what success LOOKS like to you…

The current model around success in my opinion is screwed up. We are brought up to believe that we need to get a good job, you need to do well in school, you need to work hard, you work to live, you don’t live to work, you need to live in a nice house and be good to your Mother.

This level of thinking has caused us to have to false sense of achievement and satisfaction: it’s caused a ridiculous amount of stress and pressure on ourselves and our families. Where we are always searching for things to fulfil us and it only leaves us empty.

Let’s talk about the attributes you need for success

You must get up at 5am, all successful people get up at 5am.

  1. The ability to talk action, whatever you do, do something.
  2. You must be resilient
  3. You must be honest
  4. You must have good time management
  5. Patience
  6. Adaptability
  7. Vision
  8. Passion
  9. Integrity

What if we decided to let go of all things that we wrap around success and, we redefine and in a way that feels good to us?

How about we create our own path to paradise…

I would look at my two girls and realised that I wanted them to be kind to themselves and not grow up with the same body image issues and self loathing that has sadly become the normal for so many people, including me. Surely there is more to life than the shallowness of how society says we should look and feel. Surely everyone is entitled to feel immense and intense happiness, joy and love…. for themselves and others.

Remove the judgment of others and ourselves, the harshness of how we think and feel, no one can or should dictate how we feel only we have that key to our soul. Life is more than healthy eating, exercise and the chaotic lifestyle that we lead.

When did success become measured by how busy we are it’s ridiculous?
If that is how we measure success then I don’t want a bar of it.

Success looks different to everybody and so only we can determine what success looks like for us.

For me to free I need to be me, authenticity matters.

For me, success it’s about being the best version of myself possible, feeling free and at peace. Living an abundant life of love, joy, happiness and prosperity. Doing things I love to do and in a way I love to do them. Having energy, feeling light on my feet, loving myself for who I am and having gratitude for everything in my thing now.

Feeling a raw, authentic and deep connection too myself, too others and to the universe. Embracing everyday and feeling good in the moment and teaching my girls that life is about connection and truth and it’s what you make it.

I don’t want to work my arse off for a holiday once year I want to experience, soul satisfying joy, peace and happiness everyday.

Because our job is never done, there is something that always needs fixing, updating or improving, it’s more than a job, our business is an extension of who we are and it’s our way of making a difference to world.

The time, the dedication and passion consumes, it’s the first thing we think about in the morning and the last thing we think about at night and that’s not enough we wake up in the middle of night and we think about.

Everyone keeps on saying, have you tried this, you should do this, you know you can spend $20K now right? Do I really have to be on every single social media platform and what the fuck is Periscope? It’s the having to be across everything and everyone and just keep up at this pace and I’m tired because apparently I have to get up at 5am.

At some point you stop, we are so focused on the finishing line, waiting, longing to achieve this idea of success… It’s not about the finishing line, it’s about the journey, it’s the right here, right now. That is what matters, because everything that has gone wrong and right has brought you here to this very moment and it’s actually where you’re meant to be.

It’s the cycle of once you go home nothing will change unless you take action, ask yourself better questions, what does success look like to you, because you’re the only one that an answer it, what does freedom like to you, the only thing you need to focus on is doing what makes you happy, do what you love in a way you love to it and divine becomes your banker. Be brave, be courageous, be fearless, be compassionate and just be you, because you can do anything… And you get to live and imagine the possibilities… you can anything. That is the attributes of success.