The Checklist For Massive Expansion & Reflection

reflection, self development, personal development, mindfulness

There is much to be said about reflection, self-development and hindsight.

Living wholeheartedly and being mindful has been a way of life for me for a long time now. I have come to realise the road to self discovery is forever evolving and one long continuous blissful journey.

Once I have implemented a new ritual or embodied a new level of understanding I up the ante for further expansion. The key here is to undoubtedly love yourself, to have unwavering love for yourself, even love the little comments, slips of judgements on yourself and everything in between. In other words let’s not take personal development and self development too seriously. Let’s enjoy exactly where we are right now in this very moment.

Isn’t that the most raw and honest way you can live? To love and accept where, who and what you are in any given moment?

Reflection, Reacting and Responding.

There is massive expansion in these areas and we can enjoy a beautiful seamless expansion when we embody this little baby.

Reacting vs Responding

Now you may have heard me say or heard other people say numerous things about reacting and responding.

  1. As soon as you react you have given away your power.
  2. When on medication you either respond to it or react to it, one is the body accepting the medicine and the other is your body rejecting it. How we communicate with ourselves and other people has the same effect on us.

Reflection is the most divine tool we have in our resource kit.

Once we realise that our external experiences are a reflection of how we are feeling about ourselves, it changes how we react to people. On the flip side, perhaps they are reflecting on YOU, how they are feeling within?

Here is how you can tell whether it is coming from within you and there is a message and a lesson for you or if is them reflecting their own crap on you.
  1. There is a feeling in your gut that this doesn’t feel right or aligned to you.
  2. It might be a one off random statement that they voice, it comes from nowhere and makes no real sense.
  3. There is a level of defence coming from you because it’s making you feel bad or doubt what you have done.
  4. Someone who is blunt, shows no compassion, love or understanding and is quick to blame, distrust and think the worst.

They are all examples of someone who is reflecting their crap on you and should NOT own it in any way. You can however, respond politely and with love… be honest with them.

The more compassion you show the less these people will even enter your life.

Now on the other side, there might be an insight, a learning and a lesson in there for us, we are seeing a reflection as to what we are feeling internally.

  1. Someone does something or says something that really hurts you.
  2. You are instantly enraged.
  3. You feel your body and emotions react instantly.
  4. It stops you in your tracks.


For this I have created a checklist because for such a wise souls sometimes we digress and go into old thought patterns and old belief systems. That’s OK love that. We are one and we are a reflection and therefore I challenge you to dance with these thoughts and feelings that arise.

Trust that they are coming up for a reason and it is a divine opportunity for you to practice and BE everything you have learned and celebrate how far you have come.

The checklist.

1. How am I feeling when I hear/ see this?
2. Where do I feel it?
3. Feel into the feeling, move and breathe through the need to react to the messenger for they are just that…. The deliveryman into your lesson, your gift and your expansion at this time.

4. Find peace and freedom in the message, the lesson and give love to yourself for not getting caught up in the middleman.


Personally, I find this incredibly freeing and liberating.