The Hedonistic Theory?

The Hedonistic Theory-

This is about creative freedom

Deep honour

Divine connections

Being seen




Creating a space for us to step fully into our greatness

To not rely on other people to cheer us on

To be our role model

Our own cheerleader


To unite, together as one with love in our hearts and hunger to live fully.


To say the things that we have been yearning to say

To not hide

Or shrink

To pretend to be someone that we are not

To take action

Beautiful inspired action


But to embody and be a transmission for fierce living

Soft living

Real living

Practical living

Inspired living

Sensual living

Abundant living

Mmmm Yes….


It’s about giving, sharing, connecting in the most open and honest way.


Relationships started

Bonds deepened

Laughs to share

Stories to honour

Future collaborations to be ignited

Ideas and innovation

Leaders will lead

Lives will be changed.


Together for the FIRST TIME is two women that are taking the Melbourne business world and new thought leaders by storm are Colette Werden and Kiara O’Leary as they join me on stage at the next Hedonistic Jam.

An Evening Dedicated To Spoken Word To Educate, Entertain and Engage Hedonistic Inspired Leaders.

Colette Werden, is someone who I have seen just capture the hearts and minds of an entire nation and inspire thousands of people globally with her message of the power of individuality. She has grown organically into a boutique agency that self packages and brands entrepreneurs.

Kiara O’Leary is a Divine Change Agent and modern-day Lightworker who has a 5 star podcast that is so awesome! She is a true embodiment of everything she teaches  and is a modern day businesswoman who has a gift to channel the most profound infinite intelligence.

The thread that runs through each of us is the devotion we have to inspire others to be themselves, that we are always our own best guide and we share a view about life that honours both the light and dark, the good and bad. We never fluff over, pretend, suppress anything just because it might be “negative”. We believe that those feelings need to be heard and expressed as well. And we find pleasure in that.


Power in that

Freedom in that.