The Problem With Leadership

My favourite sound is the sound of my own voice. (1)

General Managers mentally masturbate over their own voices.

As are their lapdogs.

No action that actually backs anything up.

Thinking that more layers equal a thriving sector.

Too focused on self obsession

The who said

They said

“I did”

Too focused on not the best outcome but MY outcome.

The north and south.

East and west.

Not all sides created equal.

It’s a multi billion-dollar joke.

Too focused on their own ego and not the playground.

Once you get past the semi get from listening to your own voice

You can enjoy a full-blown erection and full body never ending orgasm you get when you listen FIRST and speak second.

When you sell in a way that people like to buy and NOT the way YOU do.

When you get past yourself and actually listen to the team you hired for a reason.

When you look beyond the geographical self imposed limitations and see the bountiful value and potential that lies beyond the border.

Voices unheard

Feeling insignificant

Not challenged




Loyal leaders not knowing that there is another way,

That anything is possible.

Once you look beyond the red tape,

Ditch the processes just for a moment

And think creatively.


Speak your truth and make yourself heard,

With kindness.

Lead with pride and integrity.

If culture is missing,

Create one.

Don’t wait for others because they too busy enjoying the semi they get from the sound of their own voice.


That’s amateur

You… are cosmic.