The Redemption Story

Renee Mayne, Gemma Dere sacred marking,


That moment when you see your entire life flashing before your eyes and wondering, remembering that desire to be all of who you are, as you are.

The death, the shedding of everything that leaves you bare and feeling like you’re walking through a dark room and feeling for the walls as you move through it.

I have been here before, only this time I am not afraid of the darkness and the void. Now it’s my resting place, the place where I am reborn and preparing for my redemption story.

Melting away is every vision that everyone has ever had about what it is I should be doing with my life, what I am “supposed” to be doing. Every label that has been placed on me, “if I am not that, then who do I say you are?” … Like it defines me.

Disappearing is the feeling of having to have a safety net and doing what it is easy, instead of what is right for me.

Remembering how I was teased for being too emotional and cry over nothing, anything and everything. Knowing now that it’s because I see beauty in all things and that is gift, to allow ourselves to actually feel and be swept away in that moment… when so many people are medicated to avoid feeling such intense emotion.

I have died a million times and my ability to always get back up blows my mind, my inner warrior who has put down her sword and replaced it with a staff, for I am no longer afraid to face my reality, my vision or my emotions and know that the desire to fight is conspiring against my divine path… and who am I to do that?

It is time to stand proud in our flawed, vulnerable beauty and be unafraid, unapologetic in being all of who we are as we are. To remember we were born to flourish, knowing we are walking in this timeline on multiple realms and divinely connected to sky above, the earth below and everything in-between.

This divine piece of art is by the amazing Gemma Dere who one could say that it is a self-portrait of moi to remind me of who I am and it will soon be a sacred marking on my body.