agendas and thriving for change

The constant action for inclusion has come to an expiry date,

Because it is exhausting.

When we stand on the edge and on the brink of change we don’t stand their alone,

We stand with all those who came before us.

Hungering to dissolve agendas,

Dissolve the need to beg people to care,

To see a world that is far greater than them,

Disrupting the status quo in the most amazing way takes time,

Time that goes against the instant gratification and results we expect.

Less we forget.

This big change requires us to make room and have awareness for it,

It requires us to meet our bias and fears,

To work through our own trauma,

Because it’s only then we have room to hold multiple truths at once,

It’s only then we aren’t exhausted by it,

Consumed by it,

Distracted by it,

There is a deep trust,

A dance,

A war cry the echo throughout time and space,

Feeling held by all those who came before us,

With a promise of a better world.

Because we’ve been brave enough to change our world…

The internal one.


Hedonistic Holy and Human.