Renee Mayne, navigating the narrative

What do you want?

We can swim with the current all we want but if it’s not taking you in the direction you want to go, then what’s the point?

Do you want safe or what feels right for your soul?

And right might feel a little scary…

You are a grown arse womxn.

Do you need someone to keep you accountable?

What if you ignited your fierce Intuitive Dominatrix and become so laser-focused on what the Creator is telling you to do, whereby you create in the Quantum field and take the action you need to take… let Source be your accountability buddy.

Trust me, your body, your reality and how your feeling is telling you EXACTLY what’s working and what’s not!!!

You’re stronger than you give yourself credit for,

Don’t be reactive in your life, be proactive.

That is working with the Mystery and being unwavering in trusting yourself and the universe.

Do you need another “thing” or do you need to carve out some time step into your power and end-all pursuits?