sacred leader

There is only one race and that’s your race,

Only it’s not a race.

So you can take your time, if that feels good for you.

The old paradigm makes us believe that there are certain things we must accomplish at certain times in our lives.

There is no time in space and that scarcity program that runs through our minds is an illusion.

Right down to the calendar year… We forget sometimes its man made.

When it’s man made there is imperfection.


Reaching beyond what we believe to be linear.

We teach our children to reach for the stars,

Yet we remind them of what is achievable and what isn’t.

What we believe they need.

I am reminded that our eros is for us first,

Beyond the sleazy gaze of another,

See their soul.

The permission they gave themselves to be seen in their vulnerability.

Knowing that some things have to change.

It has to start with us.

Our intention pure,

As ripe and innocent as the Virgin Mary.

Moving beyond trying to turn you on with my words,

Instead, letting my words speak freely and trusting they will land wherever they are suppose to.

Not seeking validation by numbers likes or shares.

Just the humble knowing that I have spoken my truth in that moment and I honour you enough to not lead you into what is a cloaked manipulation wrapped up in pretty words.

See beyond conspiracy, the hype and the feeding of fear…

Anything that is telling you what to believe or watch this before they take it down… see it for what it is.

Persuasion. It doesn’t matter how it’s wrap up.

Stand in your own truth,

Do what feels good for you,

Quietly notice that activations in your mind and body when you scroll and read.

A true Sacred Leader will invite you to explore your own truth.

They are running their own race, marching to their own drum.

When you get that feeling swirling up in your field of doubt, wonder and you’re looking at someone else’s lane.

Remember this moment.

This moment where I invite you to remember your race, the permission you granted yourself to do whatever the fuck feels good for you.


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