Understanding Gender Equality

gender equality

Let us not over complicate things here for it is a simple equation.

There is this fight. This push and pull in gender equality, surely as a society, as intelligent people who are right in the middle of the information era…. Maybe that’s the problem, is there too much information available? It’s like trying to decide what to eat when the menu is too big.

Surely as a society we can understand that there is a much more elegant way to address gender equality?

It’s not about the fight, it’s how you dance the dance.

It’s not one thing, but all things.

It’s not about blame, it’s about respect, forgiveness and understanding. 

We are circling around information and yet people still don’t see.

But we can’t see if we our vision is clouded and misguided by our own experience, thoughts and blame.

Gender equality is understanding that every baby when conceived has the X chromosome, and then the Y or extra X is developed to determine whether it’s going to be a girl or boy. Further to that there are 46 chromosomes that make up who we are 23 from the Mother and 23 from the Father, hence our individual preferences and uniqueness.

You see we are all male and female, masculine and feminine. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation or even gender, but both elements bring attributes and certain abilities that we need in every day society. It’s about balancing the two within ourselves that make us take action, have empathy and live life.

Without one we don’t have the other, how can we accept others if we cannot understand this about ourselves?

Every violent attack, sexual and physical abuse, transgender bashing and judgmental we see and have towards other people is another example of the lack of understanding  and love people have for themselves.

The pendulum always swings both ways; it only hurts if you believe it. But when we are confident, secure and balanced within ourselves we can start to see good in all kind.



Image source Spiritual Evolution