From This Vantage Point I Can See Clearly Now.

vantage point

I have been pondering on something for a while…

I am an intuitive, awake and a conscious being who chooses this human experience. Right here, right now in this life.

As we evolve and grow, we understand unity consciousness is unlimited and grand, in a way that is really only coming to light now. In the past it has been restricted to the mind, body and spirit. Recently, I have been experiencing a strong sense of emotions in the form of frustration and impatience. I have begun to wonder if it was old patterns that were resurfacing or if they’re messages I needed to hear. Realisations and new understandings were being brought to me.

The vantage point of where we raise and fall, we must balance our energy and life experiences in this lifetime.

What does that mean?

We need good and bad, dark and light.

Step outside of the status quo and be responsible for your experiences.

We are all responsible for our own experiences and our own transformation. We cannot blame anyone; for we are here as a direct result of our thought patterns and our beliefs. It is, as it is, you are where you are. And so it is.

We all need to face and conquer our fears and demons; the task is yours and yours alone. The ascension is rapid if you are up to the task, assuming you can keep on track and remain in the higher realm. For it is never done, we are always balancing and it’s how we respond to our experiences. The support structure you need is right there waiting for you, within yourself and externally.

Those who aren’t ready to free themselves of their nightmares realise that the responsibility is on them and aren’t ready to face that yet. Your heart is always tuned into new frequencies so pay close attention to how you are feeling, but don’t claim it. As soon as you claim it, you own it and you don’t want that! Feel it, reach for a better thought and let it go.

The resolution of the past and rediscovery of a new direction, that’s what you’re here to do. Let the past dissolve and release as you find new things about yourself that you didn’t know you had. Although we are conscious beings the reality of it is we are in this skin suit for a reason. So we must come to terms with that, don’t think you are beyond that because you are not. We have things we need to learn and master, life mastery is an ongoing process.

As soon as you are over the reality of the mundane here on planet earth, you are closing yourself off the unity consciousness. Negative thought processes are dense and heavy; tap into your genius that is a perfect balance of your left and right brain, it is accessible to everybody at any time. Speak and share negative feeling and emotions only with the intention of releasing them, from non-judgmental viewpoint. And do so in a sacred place within yourself and only share with others who are on the same frequency.

Do this and you get a sense of coming home as we gather with spirits we have only just meet.

As we may get to a point where we can sometimes struggle to connect with lifelong friends. Most people cannot tolerate to look at themselves in the mirror without judgment, let alone talk to themselves. If you can face yourself in the mirror and feel the utmost love and gratitude for everything you are and everything you want to be.

Once you do this you can stand out boldly and embrace your calling, your direction and embrace unity consciousness.


And so it is.