Waiting For The Humxn To Emerge.

Renee Mayne When Does The Human Emerge_

There is this part of me that wonders,

Wonders who I am,

Like, who I really am,

Like there is a part of me that I still don’t know.

And I’m waiting,

Waiting for this humxn to emerge,

A fully-grown supernatural humxn.

I wonder…

Who she is,

What she came here to do…

This wonder is a leak,

A leak that whispers to me that I am not whole.

That there must be more…

My fed shows me that there are amazing people, who are crushing it,

They are spiritually on point…

Cashed up.


Dark and wild.

I am waiting to arrive…

Like I haven’t already.

People look to me for answers,

Answers I don’t have,

Answers only they can know.

Do people really get off on this power?

It feels like a drug that puffs you up and hits you,

Then you look around for the next hit.

Am I so wrong in my wondrous that we co-exist and co-create for the empowerment and evolution of all?

If someone wins does it have to mean that someone loses?

Can we only succeed when we have an unfair advantage?

Surely instead of living separate lives, we can begin to see that we are all interconnected and entangled by something greater?


What is it going to take to create an equal world?