intuitive dominatrix Renee Mayne
Trying so hard to show the world we aren’t crazy,
Masks upon masks,
Shame and guilt buried in empty smiles and lost dreams.
Pretending that we aren’t fluffing our way through this life,
Like we know what we’re doing,
Pretending we aren’t hurt,
Like that thing that happened didn’t f*ck us up,
We’ve spent our lives being someone else’s something,
And not our own sovereign being,
We’ve spent lonely nights regretting that moment in time where we wish we said NO.
Get your hands off me,
That’s not OK,
Said yes to that last drink,
Said yes to that invitation for coffee,
Said yes to that ride home,
Felt sad about your full womb becoming empty arms,
When you were frozen with fear and unable to speak,
When you ran away as far as you could no caring who was in your wake,
When you raged at the one person, who would never hurt you,
When you forgot about that adult touching as a child and you’re wondering why you f*ck up every relationship you’ve ever had.
When you look around and wonder why everyone else has their sh!t together and you don’t.
When you go off in that rabbit warren to avoid the pain you feel inside,
When you numb the pain with food, alcohol, drugs or s*x,
When you say yes to everyone else but yourself and wonder why that one thing you want won’t happen.
When you punish yourself at the gym because you are so ashamed of your body.
When you loathe yourself in front of the mirror because you don’t recognise that person you see in the mirror.
Let’s stop living ourselves like it’s a fiction movie and rewrite the ending,
To do that we need to RECLAIM OUR STORY.
We are ALL fifty shades of f*cked up and its time we start owning it.
Every single person GETS OFF on some weird arse sh!t that it’s writing the scripts of our LIFE.
Until we start meeting this we will be the UNDERSTUDY in our own life.
It’s time we got the lead role.
The doors are OPEN for the round of our Intuitive Dominatrix Interns, come and play with us!!!