We’ve Got Sacrifice & Discipline All WRONG!

to be free i need to be me

In order to be free I must allow myself to be me.

Develop the greatness that is already inside of you, we think of sacrifice as giving up something we love, it’s not about that it’s about letting go of and removing the things we don’t need, the things that no longer serve us.

Sacrifice is about discipline and the strength you have to become great, to create the space for the amazing things coming your way, in order for that to happen we must remove the lower density things to allow the higher to come.

It’s balance and universal law.

Obedience is not about serving and living as others think we should, it’s about obeying the laws of nature and the universe to live life on your terms.

As nature intended

Words like obedience, sacrifice and discipline are words that we have been brought up on and disliked, it’s only because we didn’t understand  them properly and how they can serve us in living life in a way that is free for us so we can prosper.

There is no overnight success, no tipping point… it’s discipline to developing our greatness,  obeying and living what freedom is for us and the years of discipline we have shown to serve others and make a difference that earns us little successes along the way, all while feeling resistance from within. This means we’re on the right path because we are doing things we have never done, if you feel no resistance you’re doing things you’ve already done and there is no growth there. Bare in mind, resistance from within is good, resistance from others is NOT yours to carry and it’s important you identify when it’s yours and when it’s not… not is crucial.


 Having gratitude for what we have now and a hunger for what’s to come.