Mutable universal laws, immutable universal laws


Is a question I have opened up to a lot lately especially in the last week.

It’s really easy to gather evidence that is in agreeance to that of own line of thought.

But what are we not seeing I think it is the real inquiry here.

In the past week, I have come home to my origin of all that I live by,

The UNIVERSAL LAWS- the natural laws that govern the world and the universe we know… and don’t know.

Let’s take The Law of Cause and Effect.

We have to remember that when ONE THING is out of cosmic order there is a natural effect that MUST occur.

When ONE THING is out of alignment compensation must occur, a collective shift happens.

We all know of the Butterfly Effect.

We are seeing the EFFECT of centuries of neglect-

To ourselves.
To the earth.
To each other…

We have completely abused the Mutable Universal Laws…

Cause and Effect

When we mess with these the cosmic order is also altered because the IMMUTABLE LAWS DO NOT CHANGE… Can NOT change and therefore the EFFECT reveals itself.

This is what is playing out RIGHT NOW..

We miss all the small shifts until the big Motherload presents itself and messes with US, then we take notice.


We use the Mutable Laws.

It MUST start with us first. (It cannot happen when we blame, shame, judge and not take accountability)

Where are you out of alignment?
Where are you having “attacking” thoughts of yourself and/ or others?
What are you not seeing?

The mutable Laws are designed to change and are ultimately a tool for us to remember that it’s all a figment of our imagination…

We give MEANING to it the universe doesn’t.

We can CHOOSE to give it whatever meaning we want! *Let that sink in for a minute.

We have some people fighting for the CAUSE… (the “freedom fighters”)
We have some people fighting for the EFFECT… (the get vaXx3ed)

They are both fighting for the thing and there are a lot of people in the middle thinking WTAF…

The people in the MIDDLE have a PRIME OPPORTUNITY right now and will restore balance by coming back into alignment within themselves… no more bull shitting yourself.

Coming into alignment within your mind, body and spirit.

Understand the mutable laws and how they can help you live in accordance to your highest good, that of benevolence and not personal gain.


If you’re seeing dualism without there is dualism WITHIN and that is where the work is!!!

The dialogue around “I can’t believe what’s happening in Oz/ Afghan/ Lebanon/ Haiti.”

It’s NOT happening to any ONE PLACE we ALL have a role in this and we BOTH the perpetrator and the victim here.

As Kyile said so beautifully last week, “Our individual choices have a collective consequence.”

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