What Moves You To Take Action?

Space clearing old energy

Here’s the truth.

I know I want to move people, when I am on stage I want the audience to come away with me… I don’t want to tell them what to do, how to do it and talk about how fabulous I am. Let’s share and experience, come away with me and I know that when you do we will have experiences that we share, thoughts that are aligned and my journey will open you up to new understanding, a knowing that I can do this and who am I not to at least try, ignite that hunger, that desire that life is more, you are more… More than job, more than business, more than parent, more than partner and how we can continue to be all of these things and still be all we can be in any given moment.

We are all born with a footprint, a unique gift that we came here to share… however big or small it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that we tap into that and we move to the rhythm of own magic, our own tune, our beat and that is where success lays… happiness lays… When we operate from this space, we are free… Work becomes plays, parenting becomes a gift, your business becomes a living entity and life force and you move with grace and ease.

I am not interested in pushing you into fear, pain and making you shit about yourself just so you by my product, like my page or feel like I am the only one that can give you this freedom.  Because the truth is, it’s within you now… it might be dormant, it might be a little pilot light and it might be a burning desire… whatever it is, it’s there. It’s ready for you; it’s waiting for you to say “I am ready.”

People say you need to hit rock bottom, the ultimate pain or be so absolutely over your life in order to make a change…  maybe that’s the case, but surely it’s not the case for everybody? I would like to think, yes you have had pain, hurt, frustration, anger and resentment in your life, but we can go in for an upgrade at any time. We don’t have to fall just so we can rise, surely! I have faith in you, I have faith in humanity and I think we are beyond that mentality…


Show me, tell me… how hungry are you? Are you all in and ready to come away with me?