What Women Want

what women want

Last night we spoke about what women really want in the bedroom.

It’s really amazing sometimes how little this is spoken about with men, lovers and couples.

Me feeling mediocre in life is really a big driving fear for me TBH.

We carry so much shame and presumptions around what is acceptable and “normal”, not giving attention to what we actually really want and crave.

I have been stripped down to my naked truth and been brought to my knees so many times by life and man, we are here for such a short time and I want to suck the marrow out of it.

Feeling juicy and alive is everything to me.

People come to me because they feel like they’re treading water in their life and just not that happy…

• Their relationship might be average,
• They’ve usually done a bit of personal development and spiritual work on themselves and they’re still not getting the results.
• They are usually either hypo or hyper in the bedroom (low or high) and they know it’s a thread in their entire life. *Probs life for that matter.
• They want to stop the seeking and the constant pursuit of feeling free and fulfilled.

The thread here is connecting into what we want and having a safe space to explore that and a deep fundamental level.

We’re constantly excavating our lives trying to find out what’s wrong and we’re missing moments. Making time to meet parts of ourselves that we haven’t yet explored is divine. Getting honest with ourselves and noticing that we’re not where we want to be, maybe we’re floundering and maybe we just exist?

Instead of trying to positive think our way through life let’s get honest with our desires. Knowing what we want holds power!

Being able to communicate that is everything.

But before ANY OF THAT we need to meet ourselves, activate our eros and learn how to become a Dominatrix of our lives and a submissive to the universe. It’s cutting edge work, but it is the THING that ends all pursuits and it is the most realistic, sustainable and decadent journey we will go on.

If you’re swimming around in “Nah, I don’t want that” or “It’s not important to me.”

Ask yourself why and if it’s a full-bodied undeniable no or if it’s resistance.