When Shiva Shines.

Renee Mayne shiva shakti

When Shiva Shines.

Shiva leaves the sacred temple and enters the real world.

Leaving the serenity of the spiritual cocoon to find himself in this new world order.

When Shiva unites with Shakti,

Familiar and yet so unfamiliar at the same time.

Let me hold you, he says.

My wings have been clipped, she says.

Oh, but my dearest love, this is what we have been waiting for, he says.

The pinnacle is in the descension, she says.

One must not scramble in the unfolding of the new world order,

Instead surrender to it.

As we try on new colors, sounds and new identities,

Listening to the murmurs from the Cosmic Mother.

The hymns from Mother Earth,

The whispers from the new divinity that is revealing itself to us.

You are one vessel,

Interconnected to all vessels,

One spark of light,

That connects to another spark of light.

Transpersonal species who will now begin to really find themselves and meet themselves as their own Divinity.

It’s no longer a question of how high can I raise my vibration in the cocoon.

It’s shattering the cocoon and letting your wings soar through the sky.

Night becomes day and day becomes night.

Letting very interference expand your divinity and not erase it.

Fluidity in this moment is opening yourself up to your evolution.

Inspired soul action.

This is not a bandaid.

It’s a new world order.

Trust my child.

Om Shanti Shanti.