Where The Law Of Attraction Meets The Law Of Alignment


Over the last few years we moved into a global influence, we have been seeing entrepreneurs around the globe experiencing the rise of influence as we move into a universal oneness. Where life and business is on a global scale and anything is possible.

It’s majestic and profound and totally awesome!

For us to manifest and attract this sort of majestically we need to understand the Law Of Alignment.

Understanding and having a sense of knowing is more important now more than ever. An understanding of who you are, what’s important to you, what your values are, what you want, where you want to go and what’s your global vision? Once you align your inner knowing and inner desires that’s when we can create a dominion on a global scale.

Knowing that what you are doing and how you live your life is soul satisfying and you are doing it from a completely neutral space, you know you will make a difference and a an authentic contribution to everything you do. It’s deep and it runs deeper than what we can ever imagine, but that alignment is strong as is your sense of knowing. For when you are not aligned that’s when we have feelings of doubt, fear and frustration. It’s your bodies way of saying, “Hey, you need to release that thought or feeling because it’s not serving us.” And that will continue to happen time and time again no matter how far you are on this journey.

Alignment is of course when we are in the divine flow, when we operate from this space, time stands still and everything comes easily and effortlessly. We have a strong sense of heightened perception and of course synchronicity happens, when we expect synchronicity it always happens it’s the universal law. We are in a place where we are open and ready to receive and hear messages.

Trusting our intuition brings clarity and aliveness, with this higher consciousness, it brings new abilities that are revealed in layers. In order to sustain synchronicity and be in synchronistic flow one must be in perfect alignment and expect it to come. If something doesn’t feel right then you are not aligned with that thought, feeling or action.

Use your internal guidance system to move you in the right direction, the law of alignment is trusting, knowing and believing that synchronicity will happen and be open to hear the message, so pay attention to those who you come into contact with because they have a message for you and you have a message for them. It’s important not to think about this and let it happen organically and mindfully.