Why a Business Coach Could Destroy Your Business


Why on earth would I say such a thing?


You need to identify what kind of business owner you are; 70% will be a lifestyle business and only 1% want to be at the forefront….the industry leaders. So you need to ask yourself which one you are.

When I introduce myself to someone as a “Business Coach” some may say “I don’t need a business coach I’ve been in business for 30 years, I know everything there is to know.” They are defensive in their words and while I haven’t suggested that they need one it’s assumed.

Then I will meet other business owners and they say “It’s so nice to meet someone who’s as passionate as what I am, I need to work with you.”

Change Management

If you think about The Biggest Loser’s commando upon introduction there are tears of frustration, anger beyond belief and objection to train from the contestants, why? When you take someone out of their comfort zone most people are extremely uncomfortable with this and their defence mechanisms go up. Eventually they may come around when the fear of change has dispersed. Most people this will not sit well with this as we are creatures of habit and dislike change.

On the flip side you look at Michelle and Shannon’s (the trainers) approach it comes from a positive place, it comes from love so we can adjust much easier. There is still resistance however it is resolved much quicker and with little heartache.

Both have the same result however it’s the journey and us being able to maintain the change is what is most important.

Crucial Fact– The only difference between successful businesses and businesses that are struggling is their ability to get back up and try and try again and never stop learning. You never fail so don’t beat yourself up or get defensive about it just change tactics.

Recipe for success– Make it your business to go to industry events and try to be able to discuss on things on an open playing field. No judgements we have all been there. There must be trust, drive, consistency, determination a thirst to succeed…a passion for your business that words can not describe.