What Will 2015 Bring You?

What 2015 will bring

When the clock strikes midnight to symbolise and welcome 2015 you will start to feel the shift…. Are you ready?

Most people are not ready to start the move but it is most important that you are.

What can you expect in 2015?

Freedom and a sense of lightness.

It is going to bring you the power of words so be mindful of what you say and if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it at all, because in 2015 your words can help or hurt.

You have clarity around what you want to do, your divine purpose so to speak and don’t be shocked if it’s in a different direction to what you’re doing now.

2015 is the year of Abundance, your truth is abundance.


Now listen to my advice, 2015 is a power year that will see people rise to the top but that is determined by your attention and your ability to focus. You must focus only on 3 things at once and doing them very well and that will bring you success. Being that the planets and moons are where they are and who they are aligned with means that you are limited as to how much you can focus on. Be warned that you cannot get caught up in things that don’t matter, involve you or worry about what anyone else is doing because you don’t have the ability to carry it, store it or claim it. You will not have the success that awaits you.

Keep the focus and in doing that you will craft, connect and become extremely good at what you are doing. Building intensity is the key, build it from within and don’t share it with others until you feel that confidence and your confidence is unwavering.


How can you start to prepare yourself?


Cleanse and free yourself of all free radicals, start to release what no longer serves you. Practice the universal laws and be mindful of your words, your thoughts and your actions. Think about what you want, what kind of experiences do you want to have, release all fear and doubt and ask for guidance.

There is a change in the air where we will start to see people who lack substance and have major egos will drift away. The people who have gratitude, show humility and are authentic will lead the way. We will have the ability to see through the people who are egotistical and their ugliness will show, we will have the ability to see people’s words when they say one thing and mean another.

We will get an understanding and sense of how warped our perceptive has become and we can see through the bullshit and lies that we have been fed. But we seek no judgment for it is our own responsibility to find and speak our truth.  There is no blame, simply what is.

Your reminders.

  • Stay true to yourself
  • Your words are powerful in 2015, they can help or hurt.
  • Do only 3 things at once really well.
  • Don’t shift your focus on things that don’t matter or don’t concern you.
  • It is the year of abundance
  • Practice the universal laws and release what no longer serves you.


Embrace and be.