Where art thou?


The hungering.

The suppressed desire.

The engorged energy that is misconstrued as too feminine or too masculine.

Too much.


Always too much.



What if we’re not enough?

The cry is not “I am enough”

We are not anchoring that.

Now I know why.

That internal scream of I am not enough, is right.

The scream is “Wake the fuck up and listen. Fool.”



So much engorged energy we are bursting at the seams.

Our logical mind doesn’t know what to do with it.

It’s sort of, kind of released in anger, rage, happiness, emotion and tears, rarely embodied blissful joy.



We want the steak, but we order the salad.

We want to scream, but we walk away.

We want attention, but we say we’re OK.

We want to express how we want it as we make love, but we say nothing.

We want to make more money, so we give more, try more, and do more.



Say it how it is.


Listen and obey your true desires.

Use your words.

Life is not a transaction of giving and receiving.

The duality is very real, but only in our minds.

Business is not a case of doing more.



You cannot do more.

You don’t owe anyone anything.

Let your business serve YOU.

More than you serve it.

Time is NOT the most precious commodity.




You’ve done nothing wrong.

But perhaps tried too hard.

Caress the edges.

Tease, move, explore and expand the edges.

The edges of your limits.

The edges of your fear.

The edges of your desires.



Blur the lines between work and play.

Blur the lines between masculine and feminine.


For when I close my eyes,

I have no gender,

I have no body.

I do not yearn for anything.

I do not need more.

Want more.

I am full.

So full.



Let yourself go.

Your energy, your goodness and your cosmic gold are bursting at the seams.

Let thou cup runneth over now.

Surrender it, now.

Share it now.

Speak it now.

Scream it, now.

You are enough now.

Anchor it now.



You are free, now.


discovery of YOUR truth