Women In Business

women in business

I heard something recently that really struck a chord, and it has been on my mind ever since. I felt a sense of excitement, I trusted them and their vision, but it was more than that and today I GOT IT!

We are in a new economy the information age, during a time where businesses are scared and people are clinging onto their jobs with dear life, longing for some security. Never before have we heard the word “Entrepreneur” floating around like we do now, yet has it gone to extremes where we are wiping out the middle man. People are making millions “while they sleep” yet 1 in 5 businesses fail. People expect the Government to “do” something but reality is they are unable to. Really, how on earth does the government create more jobs? They can’t, they would if they could I am sure but reality is they can’t.

Who was it? And what did they say? Donald Trump said “This century is a time where women will dominate business”.

Why is there so much focus on women in business, seeing more women in board rooms and women in government?

Here’s three reasons I think might be why:

This century is characterised by rapid change and considerable uncertainty.

Women strengths lie in resilience, adaptability and communication. All three attributes that enable us to not just survive, but thrive in the current climate.

While I am no expert in this field, I do know business and life. We are in desperate need for growth; retail is dire, real estate is grim and unemployment is actually not too bad. How do we grow, create jobs, feed our economy and create the security that we are longing for?

Our success and growth lies in women.

Entrepreneurs create jobs and most entrepreneurial men are already on their journey so it is in fact women who can take this economy into great growth. Every time a woman takes the step and has the courage to start a business she is paving the way to create jobs. The beauty of the new economy is you can do it on any scale you want. Whether you want to be the next ‘Boost Juice’ or you would like to have something little on side it doesn’t matter. Women in business will be on many entrepreneurial levels:

  • Self Employed and outsource small jobs
  • Small Business with a small amount of employees
  • Medium Businesses
  • Companies
  • Franchises

Each option is just as important as the next; all these pieces to the puzzle are creating the big picture, each one as vital as the next. Incorporate women in business with women in boardrooms and in government, we have massive growth, enormous opportunities and more money injected smack bang into of our economy.

But before we get carried away, I can think of three reasons why women may not step up to the challenge.

They lack financial knowledge and accountability, they sometimes place to much emphasis on those who undermine them, and not aware of what is possible.

If it is to be the century when women will dominate, we need to ensure that women take responsibility for their financial futures and build financial literacy, we need to support and celebrate entrepreneurial aspirations.

Not everyone can be an entrepreneur and not everyone should be an entrepreneur, however I do believe everyone has the entrepreneur in them. But for those women who do have that hunger to make a difference now is your time to shine.

Do you know a woman who needs a nudge in the right direction?