Words of Salvation

Words of Salvation, self worth, spoken word

… We are taught to put a lid on it.

… To nip it in the bud.

… To sweep it under the rug.

… If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all.

… Runaway

… Answer me when I speak to you.

We receive and message and we must reply.

It’s respect,


Common courtesy,

An expectation.


We hit like, comment and share because we support our friends.

A boost in external acknowledgment is the next viral thing.

That builds influence.

Influence generates respect.

Respect builds trust.

Trust builds business.

Makes you money.

We need money.


When you give,






Because you want your friends to succeed, feel heard and seen.

So they know it’s not all for nothing.

You respond to a message that someone has taken to time to give to you, because they love you, support you and genuinely want you to succeed.




We hit send to a message,

We hit publish,

We post that update,


We expect a response.


An exchange in likes, comments and shares.

Because we do that for them.


When we don’t get it.

We doubt,

The whisper or scream of self worth pullets

While the unworthiness rises to all new high

As watch friends boost, people and respond to other people, but not you.


An expectation.

All mind games.

That screw us over time and time again.


The same game just different faces.




The Resurrection

What if we take those things we were taught and light those fuckers up?


… Move towards and not away.

… Go there.

… Unpack it.


We are so scared of conversations that might break us.

Hurt us.

End us.

Limit us.


What if those exact conversations freed us?


That trigger, ill feeling or frustration you feel towards a person?

Explore what that is and what it means for you. You may need to have a conversation or you may not.


That thing you don’t want to escalate so you want to avoid that conversation.

It’s more destructive if you DON’T have it, once you begin to ask “What if you … does happen?” You we will the whole thing diffuses and creates a space of connection and healing… growth and confidence to confide.


That thing you want to nip in bud.

Unpack it, what if I don’t what will happen? Why this sense of urgency? It’s in fear that the problem will get worse and it may do, but what if we openly expressed and talked about it with the parties involved and spoke with love about that?


It is a totally different outcome.




Are soul destroying.

Heart wrenching.

Suicide on self worth and knowing you are enough.

Give freely and know that opportunities and people are abundant and are made available all the time.


Notice when that envy, those unmet expectations arise… smile and remember you are so freaking worthy and so abundant. You ARE being seen, witnessed and loved. Look inside and remember…


You are love

You are loved

You are loving.


Om shanti


 Art respect and kudos to Aumega Art

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