I used to goal set like a madwoman.

My 5-year plan was everything to me.

I bent over backwards to make shit happen.

Especially this time of year because time was running out to cross that “thing” off my to-do list.

I used to put people on pedestals and now I know we’re all fifty shades of f*cked up and most people just pretend they aren’t.

I spent so long trying to be “unique” and create that “thing” that was going to be the “thing” that made the fantasy match the reality.

No one can really OWN a concept as much as we like to think we can.

No one is unique or even original. #sorrynotsorry

There is this thing that happens in the personal development, self-help and spirituality industry where we like to be seen as “unique” and wild and so bad arse… it’s kinda funny really.

We leave one box and enter into another one.

The more I cruise along in my journey I realise that people get inspiration from everywhere, we ALL have teachers, you never know where the next slice of realisation is going to come from, we can’t own words even if we have a TM that says we do… can people really own words? It’s ridiculous really the attached we feel to them.

I realise more than ever before I want my clients to find THEIR GROOVE, not mine, not what I think want or need and for them to have the confidence to go out there and make it happen. To change the gaze in which they see the world and feel frigging amazing doing it.

I heard Gwyneth Paltrow say, “Trying to be the person that everyone thinks we are and should be is traumatising.”

… and here we are, constantly outsourcing our power, people-pleasing, fixing things that aren’t ours to fix, holding onto beliefs that aren’t even ours to own and settling into a life that doesn’t even feel that good.

We ignore the whispers that tell us we aren’t happy and we think if we can look at the positives than we’re being a “good” person.

That’s not being a good human, that’s being a naïve one.

Mark Bouris said, “See things not better than they are, not worse than they are, but AS THEY ARE.”

It’s only then we can make a choice that feels good for our soul.


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